British Army Adjustable Bag Shoulder Strap

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  • We have a limited number of these shoulder straps, not too sure what they are for but most likely Clansman Radio or CBRN related
  • Features:
    • Two '58 pattern metal clips
    • Adjustable with a 'fixlock' 325 cam lock buckles.
    • Approximate length: 100 - 145 cm.
    • Width: 5 cm (2 inch) at the widest point, 2.5 cm (1 inch) at adjustable parts.
    • NATO Stock Number: 5855-99-966-9848
  • Conditions:
    • Super: Very little use, if any.
    • Grade 1: Clearly used items, paint may have come off the metal clips, may have marks from everyday use and may have very minor damage.
    • Grade 2: More severely used than Grade 1, more noticeable fraying and damage. Ideal condition if you just require the clips or are not bothered about looks - still fully useable.