British Army MCL TIPPS Ear Plugs

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British Army issue Tactical In-Ear Protection Plugs (TIPPS) ear plugs by MCL.

Details from the MCL website:

TIPPS are a new generation of passive hearing protection for use in both continuous and impulse noise environments. Switchable modes ensure maximum levels of hearing protection at all times without affecting situational awareness noises such as voice commands and warning signals when in mission critical situations.

Mode select rocker switch: User can select hearing protection mode without removing the earplug; either closed for steady state noise or open for impulse noise.

Level dependent impulse noise attenuation: Attenuation increases as impulse noise levels increase up to 168dB, maintaining sound in the ear at safe levels below the exposure limit value, Lpeak of 140dB(C)

Passive operation: No power required. Maintenance free.

Breathable acoustic filter: Allows an open air passage to the ear canal avoiding irritation or hot ear whilst still providing attenuation

Pre-formed triple flange eartip: Quick to don, no forming required. When correctly fitted, the soft curved flanges exert just enough pressure on the ear canal to provide extra stability in the ear with better retention for more consistent attenuation performance and comfort.

Soft medical grade eartip: Optimum comfort and hygiene with continuous extended usage

Reusable: Easy to clean, remaining hygienic, reducing the potential for ear infections

Eartip tag: Assists with insertion and removal

Low in-ear profile: No interference with headgear, eyewear or headsets, Useable under earmuffs as dual layer protection in extreme noise environments

Detachable flexible lanyard: Earplugs can be easily removed and retained around the neck preventing loss

MTP brown colour: Compatible with Multi Terrain Patter camouflage

Water resistant carry case: Maintains hygiene whilst being easy to open quickly and remove TIPPs for use

Closed Mode: Continuous Noise Hearing Protection (EN 353-2:2002) Certified by PZT 

HML Values: H:27 dB M: 22 dB L: 20 dB

Eartip design: Pre-formed triple flange with removal tag

Eartip material: Soft medical grade thermoplastic elastomer (TPE)

Eartip sizes: Nominal diameter (EN 13819-1:2002) 

  • Small:6–7mm
  • Medium:7–8mm
  • Large:8–9mm
  • X-large:10–11mm 

Lanyard dimensions: 620 x 1.6 x 1.2 mm

Weight: 2.5 g (Pair with lanyard)

Colour: MTP Brown (Pantone Prosim 463 CVP) 

Environmental Operating temperature: -46o C to +55o C, Storage temperature -50o C to +65o C