French Army Transit Case (TH)

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  • Genuine French military transit case
  • For carrying sensitive equipment (Computers, communications equipment etc)
  • Ruggedised plastic construction
  • Rear access removable panel
  • Velcro for cable stowage
  • Handles either side
  • Front hinged access
  • Has had equipment secured into it, so does some holes that require filling to be waterproof (roughly M6 hole).
  • Waterproof seals on doors / access panels
  • External Measurements: 63 x67 x 33 cm
  • Internal Measurements: 53 x 51 x 22.5 cm (Approx)
  • We have noticed that there one of these has rattles in the removable lid,  it looks like a pop rivet has been replaced at some time (does not affect the integrity) 
  • Condition: in used condition and does have wear marks / scuffs from use.  We have a several of these available so photos show a typical example.
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  • Our reference TH