Keela SF Belay Smock

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The SF Belay combines the SF MK1 Jacket with the Keela Belay Pro. 
Taking the original dual layer systems & combining with a soft touch insulated inner. This shorter cut multi-functional smock offers increased weather protection due to the waterproof dual layer outer shell with a tried and tested Primaloft filling. 
Still offering 100% waterproof outer with internal vapour control systems added in the body area the primaloft 1 gold in 133gsm offering great insulated properties even when wet while maintaining minimal bulk and weight ratio  
Added with a removable insulated hood, with storm peak and high face protection, reinforced stress area on the under forearm and IFF sleeve pockets this is taking the already popular and effecting designs of keela to the next level  
  • 100% Weatherproof 
  • Removable storm hood which provides full coverage and secure fit whilst still maintaining the wearer exceptional freedom of movement and vision and fitted with a wired store peak 
  • 2 large hip pockets soft lined with covered storm flap & YKK Zippers to allow easy access even when the hands are gloved for winter and arctic conditions 
  • 1 Large internal zipped pocket 
  • 1/4 YKK storm covered front zip without compromising the weatherproof qualities of this jacket. 
  • Reinforced under forearms with cordura 330 material provide extra strength is stress areas especially in urban operations 
  • Each sleeve has an accessible storm covered pocket along with a loop panel designed for the wearing of unit insignia's and rank as per units SOP's 
  • Soft cuff adjusters so no friction and cuts
  • Cut shorter to allow to sit above belt kit so access to all pouches is unhindered
  • Hem and hood adjusters with push looks allow for quick adjustment even with gloved hands 
  • Rated to -15 without the need for additional warm layers 

Problems encountered by most people when wearing waterproof layers:

Problem: After a few hours in the rain my waterproof layer seems to leak, my mid layer is damp and then cold sets in; The jacket isn’t leaking it’s just that as the outside surface of your standard jacket is completely covered in water from the elements the heat from your body and the perspiration cannot get through the breathable fabric, so it stays trapped between your layers causing the damp and then combined with the cold the problem sets in on a downward spiral
Keela’s solution: – using the duel layer systems even when the outside of the jacket is completely soaked the bodies perspiration is able to get through the inner layer of the jacket, even when the outside layer is completely saturated the perspiration cannot get back through so sits in the inner space (between the inner and outer layer) as this condenses unlike standard waterproof layers that would get absorbed into your mid layer with the Keela SF Jacket it simply allowed to drain away through the vest at the bottom of the smock – keeping the wearer dry & comfortable even when carrying out strenuous activities
Problem: Most waterproof outer jackets are not warm. Space and weight is a premium, and due to amount of kit we have to carry we have to choose between a warm layer and a waterproof layer
Keela’s solution: - Again due to the dual layer system, the jacket is able to trap a layer of air between the inner and outer layers. This provides a space that the body heats up and also by allowing no moisture to be collected is able to provide a thin layer that is rated to -5