Kiwi Parade Gloss - Black

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The Kiwi Black Parade Gloss Prestige polish provides long-lasting wax colour and a beautiful gloss finish. Shoe polish is suitable for all smooth leathers. It not only adds colour but also renovates and conditions the leather - bringing the footwear back to life and restoring the original quality.

The benefits of Kiwi Black Parade Gloss Prestige:

There are many benefits of using leather polish. Kiwi boasts an extensive colour collection, meaning that there is a colour for almost everyone. 

  • Nourish and enrich the leather 
  • Add colour to bring the shoe back to life 
  • Enriches the leather, for added protection 
  • A modern version of the classic tin polish 
  • Easy application

How to apply Kiwi Black Parade Gloss Prestige:

  • Clean the shoe using a Cleaner, making sure all dirt, dust and mud has been removed 
  • With a cloth, a dauber brush or an application sponge.
  • Apply a SMALL amount of shoe polish to an inconspicuous area of the shoe to make sure the colour is a good match 
  • Once happy with the colour - Start applying the shoe polish in small circular motions - being careful not to over apply. 
  • If needed, reapply another layer of the product until you are satisfied with the coverage just remember to leave the first shoe polish coat to dry before applying the new one 
  • After the polish has dried, buff with a polishing cloth to a high, optimum shine!
  • (We have found that lighter strokes make for a quicker result)
Supplied in a 50 ml tin