Mil-Tec 4 Piece Water bottle & Cook Set

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US Style Water Bottle, with metal mug, cooker and Generation II Pouch which.  All can be stowed in the pouch when not in use. 
    • MOLLE fixings
    • Velcro closure
    • Purification tablet pocket
    • Drainage hole.
Generation II water bottle:
    • 1 quart (950ml) capacity
    • 100% Tritan, BPA-free
    • Resists unwanted tastes and smells
    • Transparent colour shows filling level and cleanliness.
    • Suitable for freezer
    • Microwave and dishwasher 
Metal mug:
    • Stainless steel
    • Handles fold when not in use 
    • 100% Aluminum
    • Lightweight
 Manufactured by Mil-Tec