Modestone Top Spiral Waterproof Military Notebook 50 Sheets 96 x 148 mm

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Modestone waterproof paper  is designed for note taking and drawing in the field, in the harshest of conditions., from the highest mountains to the deepest seas. It was developed using environmentally friendly technology and is fully recyclable and wont absorb any moisture even on cut edges.

  • Enables convenient note taking and drawing.
  • Resistant to mud, snow, dirt, oil and wear & tear.
  • Does not tear easily and won't get eaten by insects
  • Works with an ordinary pen or pencil, however you can also write on it with an old key or even a bullet, allowing you to write even in tight spots without a pen.
  • Thoroughly waterproof and will not suck water on the cut edges
  • Well suited for dirty, sweaty or humid conditions.
  • An eco-friendly choice, made from 80% CaCo3 and 20% HDPE.


  • 50 sheets / 100 pages
  • 96 x 148 mm / 3¾ x 6" (slightly narrower than A6)
  • 7 x 7 mm grid
  • Measurement conversion table on inside of cover
  • Ruler on rear cover
  • NATO Stock Numbers:
    • Tan: 7530-58-001-4107
    • Green: 7530-58-001-

Made in Finland by Modestone