Operational Ration Heater

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BCB Firedragon Cooker & Windbreak, AKA the Operational Ration Heater.  This cooker has replaced the Hexamine stove as the current issue ration heater.

The cooker is the perfect companion for solid fuels, gels and some liquid fuels (fuel is not included)

The cooker has been developed to optimize the performance of the award-winning solid FireDragon Fuel. Both the fuel and the cooker are NATO approved.

Supplied by BCB who have the military contract, the only difference is that these cookers are supplied in a retail packaging as opposed to military stores packaging.

NATO Stock Number: 7310-99-587-4226


  • Compact
  • Easy and quick to use
  • Lightweight (110g)
  • Retractable side walls
  • Supplied with a removable windshield to enhance extreme weather performance
  • The integrated fuel receiver channels the heat produced from your fuel to your mess tin for a quicker cleaner cook
  • You can store three FireDragon solid fuel blocks within the cooker when closed (not supplied).

 **Fuel is not included but is available in store**