O'Tom® TICK TWISTER® - Family Set

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The Family Set Tick Twisters: The essential tool set for removing all sizes of ticks.
The Family Set comes in a reusable box to store the tick removers and to find them easily.
Tick Twister Family Set tick removers are a medical device that has been designed for you to remove all sizes of ticks, especially very small ticks. Subsequently making the removal painless and efficient.

Contains 3 tick removers including 1 special "MICRO" hook, this new Family Set of Tick Twister has been specially designed to remove very small ticks from even the most difficult to reach places.

Adapted to the shape of the tick: It is essential not to compress a tick's abdomen during extraction as this increases the risk of the tick regurgitating their saliva back into the host, and as a result the risk of contracting a tick-borne disease being passed is greater.

Easy, practical and adaptable to all situations: You can remove ticks regardless of size and where you find them (navel, knee folds, armpits, behind the ears)

Micro: larva and pupa
Small: adult tick
Large: engorged adult tick

Does not leave the head of the tick in the skin: To use a Tick Twister tick remover, rotate the Tick Twister (in the direction of your choice) and the tick will detach itself after 2 or 3 turns. As a result this technique will allow the tick to be removed completely. Without leaving the tick's rostrum left in the skin.
No chemicals It is important to never use chemicals (alcohol, ether, etc) to remove a tick. Most importantly once you have removed the tick if you are able to wipe the area with an alcohol wipe you should and seek medical advice.

Ecological Tick Twister are unbreakable and can be reused. The new Tick Twister Family Set comes in eco-friendly packaging. The card is recyclable and comes complete with a reusable box to store your tick twisters in enabling you to find them easily. TICK TWISTER hooks are made of polyacetal which is an entirely recyclable material.