Rite In The Rain Tactical Ring Binder Kit

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The 9200T-KIT is an ideal addition to anybody's field kit and includes the following items: 
No. 9200T Field Ring Binder (5 5/8" x 7 1/2") – Tan 
The Tactical Field Binder is made of tough tan Polydura and rust resistant metals. Binder holds all Rite in the Rain Tactical Loose Leaf styles.  
No. 97 Tactical Black Clicker Pen - Black Ink  
While a pencil works great on our All-Weather products, sometimes you just need a pen. These All-Weather pens write on wet paper and upside down in temperatures from -30F to 250F. Flat black metal barrel. 
No. C9200 CORDURA® fabric Cover - Tan  
This Tan CORDURA® fabric Cover fits the No. 200, 204, 9200, and 9200T Rite in the Rain Field Ring Binders. Has a rugged zipper closure and holds up to 4 writing utensils.
No. 982T Universal Loose Leaf - Tan(50 sheets)  
No. 9200T-R Tan Reference Card Set  
Printed on sturdy Polydura sheets. 16 pages (8 card set) of reference material, including:  
  • Tactical Missions Graphics 
  • Classes of Supply 
  • Sector Sketch Example 
  • Evaluate a Casualty / First Aid 
  • Attack Helicopter Capabilities 
  • Call for Fire 
  • Enemy Unit Symbols 
  • Sector Sketch Preparation 
  • Range Card Example 
  • U.S.M.C. Troop Leading Steps 
  • NBC-4 Report 
  • Immediate CAS Report 
  • 9 Line Medical Evac. Request 
  • Friendly Unit Symbols 
  • Standard Range Card Preparation 
  • Troop Leading Procedures 
  • Mortar/Artillery Capabilities 
  • NBC-1 Report 
  • Spot Report/Salute 
                Kit NATO Stock Number: 7530-01-536-2652
                Manufactured by Rite in the Rain 
                **Please note that the Reference Card Set are US Military Reference cards and may not be British / Your own military compatible**