Trangia Gas Burner

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Gas burner which fits in the lower windshield of all Trangia 25 (Large) & 27 (Small) stoves, Trangia Triangle & Open Spirit Stove. 

Can also be used in Trangia Triangle (400333) and Open spirit stove (100230)

Fits propane / butane gas containers with threaded valves that meet the EN417 standard.

Easy to use, fast cooking time and keeps the pans soot free.

  • Boils 1 litre of water in 3.5 min (varies depending on weather and fuel quality)
  • Weight: 180 g
  • Gas consumption: 150 g/h (230 g canister will burn for 1.5 hours on full power)
  • Jet size: 0.37 mm
  • Output: 2100 w/ 6700 btu
  • Includes transit bag
  • Part Number: 742527

Read the instructions before use

Will not fit the Mini Trangia