UKOM 6 Point Airborne Yoke - MTP Match

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Designed to be used on standard issue British PLCE and tailored webbing, it also fits MOLLE battle belts. 

The UKOM 6 Point Airborne Yoke has the enlarged shoulder straps to distribute heavier weights on the shoulders and has been designed for comfort and also to ensure it is functional. This yoke will take the heaviest of belt kits.


  • Wider shoulder straps to distribute weight.
  • Military specification Cordura and military standard materials throughout.
  • Closed cell fire-retardant, light weight non water absorbent foam used on shoulders
  • 6 Point attachment
  • Ergonomically designed
  • MOLLE attachments on rear
  • ITW Nexus buckles used throughout

 Lifetime guarantee and manufactured in the UK by UKOM