UKOM Tailored Belt Kit, 4 Utility 1 RH Ammo pouch (V1)

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The UKOM Tailored Belt Kit  Is a more comfortable option than issue PLCE whether you are carrying out a Tab, Yomp, Infantry style exercise or any other type of exercise.

All pouches are sewn directly onto to a jointed padded hip pad. The foam within the hip pad is fire retardant and as with all other parts to military specification.

UKOM Tailored Belt Kit, 4 Utility 1 RH Ammo Pouch (V1) features quick release closure utility pouches and Velcro & pop stud closure ammo pouches. 

is available in the following configurations, .


  • 4 Utility, 1 double ammo (Right Hand as Worn) (34" / 87 cm hip pad) 

Ammo Pouches:

  • Each double ammo pouch holds 6 x 5.56 mm 30 Round Magazines
  • Fully Lined
  • Velcro with pop stud closure

Utility Pouches

  • Standard sized issue utility pouch’s fitting, in either water bottle, mess tins etc.
  • Fully Lined
  • Quick release closure

Hip Pad

  • All pouches are sewn directly onto the hip pad
  • The jointed hip pad is ergonomically designed to fit your body
  • Fire Retardant foam used in the hip pad
  • Military specification triglide buckles are used on the hip pad to allow the yoke to be attached in the standard way or attached using the triglide buckle. This also allows an Under Armour yoke to be attached.
  • Length: 34"

Belt Buckle

Available as:

  • Roll Pin Buckle (1322lbs Breaking Strain)
  • ITW Nexus side release buckle
  • Metal AustriAlpin Cobra Buckle (4000lbs Breaking Strain)
  • Plastic AustriAlpin Cobra Buckle (500lbs Breaking Strain)

ITW Nexus or AustriAlpin (where specified) buckles used throughout.

Lifetime guarantee and manufactured in the UK by UKOM

**These belt kits are made to order, so please allow 4 weeks delivery (we do keep a small selection in stock, please contact us for availability)**