US Army Vintage 20L Jerry Can (1X)

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  • US Army Gasoline Jerry Can
  • Same style of fuel can that was used in WW2
  • Stamped on the bottom with:
    • ICC-5L (Standard the can conforms to)
    • CONCO (Makers mark)
    • 20 5 51 (20 Litres / 5 Gallon / 1951 year of manufacturer)
  • Stamped with USA on one side & QMC on the other  (post 1951 ones are only stamped US on one side).. 
  • Condition:
    • The can does have does have marks and dents from use
    • We would recommend a refurbishment & a fresh lick of paint.
    • It does require a clean externally.
    • Due to the age we would recommend this is used as a collectors piece rather than for actual fuel use (we can't guarantee that it will hold fuel)
  • Our reference 1x