Update as at 19 July 2021

We have decided to close the retail shop for the foreseeable future.


With the UK governments announcement on 12 July 2021 stating that there will be no legal requirement to wear face coverings, except in crowded areas we felt this would put us and our family members at risk.

  • Mrs Monkey has a serious health condition that means that she has no immune system, and that is not something that we would like to risk (simple terms if she gets a cold she’s screwed for a week, so can you imagine what the Corona Virus would do to her)
  • If any of us working here at the Kit Monkey got the virus, then we would have to self isolate for 10 days, something that I really would not like to do as it would mean that we wont be trading for 10 days, which leads to no revenue, which would then quite possibly lead to us not trading anymore. – We are not Tesco’s where if one of us get’s the virus they go sick and anybody that has been in close contact does to and they still get paid.

So we have decided to close the retail shop for the foreseeable future, whilst we are still able to trade online.

You can call us for advise (during normal hours)

You can still purchase through our website for click and collect / delivery

You can still purchase via the telephone.

Please don’t ask us when we’ll be back open as normal, because quite simply we don’t know..

If you believe that COVID-19 is a hoax or some other conspiracy theory then that’s your right, however some of us just don’t have that privilege.

The Kit Monkey Team