British Army '68 Pattern Combat Jacket - Size 1 (TO)

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'68 Pattern Woodland DPM combat jacket, in good condition, which features:
  • 4 Front button pockets
  • Shoulder epaulettes. 
  • Arm pen pocket.
  • Drawstring at waist & Hem
  • Button up storm flap
  • Button up cuffs
  • 'Poachers pocket' at rear
  • Jock strap
  • Sizing:
    • British military: Size 1
    • NATO Size: 5060/8085
  • Condition: Good used condition throughout, has wear marks on the stitching joins, a pull that we can see on the arm  and is slightly worn in some areas (cuffs / rear).  Button appears to be missing from the stitching inside (most likely used as spres)
  • Our Reference: TO