BUSHMEN® Jungle Hammock Set

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Bushmen Jungle Hammock Set is equipped with everything to safely hang this hammock both on your trips outdoors and at home in the garden.  This comfortable hammock includes a mosquito net to provide you with protection from insects.  It also includes adjustable ‘tree huggers’ for easy hanging and to protect the bark of trees.

This set also features a comfortable HANDY Pocket /L which has 2 smart, hidden hooks that allow you to hang it on the edge of the hammock.   You can use this as an additional external pocket on your pants.  When, not in use, hide the hooks inside and the pocket turns into a transport bag for ‘tree huggers’ and karabiners.

PLEASE NOTE:  Attach hammock loops to karabiners as the mosquito net loops and the mosquito net are not designed to lift the body without the hammock.


  • Set Contains:  Hammock with Mosquito Net, 2x Tree Huggers 2x ULTRALIGHT Karabiners and a HANDY Pocket /L
  • Weight: 0.75 kg
  • Hammock Size: 3 x 1.45m
  • Max Loading: 200kg
  • Tree Huggers Length: 2m
  • Mesh density: 196 / cm2