Caplock Camtech 3 Colour Camouflage Cream

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Camtech Camouflage Compact. 

Available in 2 colours:

  • Centre Europe: Light Green, Brown, Black 
  • Tropical: Light Green, Brown, Dark Green 
Contains no mineral oils, volatiles, emulsifiers or other skin irritants and cannot cause spots or pimples. 
100% active and does contain a natural SPF15+ sunscreen incorporating a balanced ultraviolet (UV) agent to provide protection against sun and muzzle flash and it will not melt in the desert heat, or wash off whilst fording a stream. 
Temperature stable from sub-zero to tropical conditions.  
Pigment dense, so a little application goes a long way and is extremely opaque. Despite being waterproof, the base formula collapses on contact with soap or detergent, so it is easily removed and does not stain uniforms. It has also been thoroughly tested and proven under combat conditions by numerous armed forces throughout the World to be non-irritant, "skin safe" and does not craze visors or perish elasticated uniform fastenings. 
Manufactured by Caplock