Trangia Tundra III

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As a complement to the Trangia camping stoves they have produced a set that is sold without a burner, designed to suit gas stoves. The saucepans and frypans have milled bases so they do not slip on the gas stove. This set is ideal for boats, caravans or holiday cabins. The saucepans are the same as in the 25 series but the frypan is a different version and will not fit on Trangia stove sets. Frypan has a 1.4mm base, which makes it very sturdy.


  • Saucepan 1.5 L Non-stick
  • Saucepan 1.75 L Non-stick
  • Tundra lid , fits both saucepans. In nonstick
  • Handle and cover
  • Frypan Ø200 mm Non-stick

Weight:  620 g